Make a difference

The gospel of Jesus is transformative. Good news is good news – and we want to live a life that reflects the personal transformation we have encountered to the world around us. Our faith both informs us and motivates us.

Not everything we do is “part of the program” to tick a box or fulfil a requirement. We encourage an integrated lifestyle where faith and abilities and preferences meet.

In living together we share our abilities and willingness to make life in community happen so that space is created in our schedule to dedicate time and effort to the things that we want to give back to God. For some of us this is through the arts, for some it is through practical service, for others it is through engagement with different social groups from youth to the marginalised to refugees.

We can all make a difference, and during your time at Holmsted Manor we are sure that you will find yourself in a situation where your contribution goes further and means more than you could ever have imagined.

Below are two of the ways we try to make a difference. There are others, and as you investigate the site we are sure you’ll recognise them.


MAKE. is an arts collective based at Holmsted Manor made up of fine artists, a chef and others who have an interest in spoken word and music. MAKE. aims to be a presence within the local arts communities, using art as a stimulus for life-giving and hope filled conversation. Collectively, MAKE. recognises all the arts .

Artists help to create community, restore beauty and communicate the heart of the Creator. As an expression of the arts, MAKE. encourages individuals to further develop their creative skills, personal character and their faith in Jesus.

MAKE. led Holmsted Manor’s participation in the Brighton Fringe festival in 2016, curating and exhibiting in a show called “Confessions: The Journey of an Artist” alongside several other Brighton based artists and have exhibited at Holmsted Manor at a couple of events here.

Life Team

The Life team conveys the abundant life of Jesus in a variety of ways to all ages; working in local primary schools leading lunchtime assemblies and Bible Explorer programmes, lunchtime and after school activities helping local churches with their holiday Bible clubs, all age services, “messy Church” and alternative Halloween events. As well as work with children and young people, the Life Team is looking for ways to engage with local mums and are involved with some ‘Dads & Lads’ activities. A recent addition to the Life Team’s involvement has been visiting a local detention centre, working alongside the Chaplaincy team there.