One of our foundational values is to “do first then teach”. As an organisation we value character and experience very highly and we want those who are part of us to multiply what they know and are capable of doing into others. Qualifications are just one way to recognise someone’s gifting and abilities, watching them at work, “in action” is also a great way to see who someone is. Within life at Holmsted Manor there are many areas where we need ongoing training and equipping and we endeavour to ensure all our staff are able to complete the roles they find themselves in.

We also want to be people “of the way”, on a journey becoming disciples of Jesus. This is a journey of apprenticeship, learning on the job and having a go. As a community we want to be able to take into other environments the things we are learning and the experiences we have. This is seen in different ways, from individuals being invited to speak in other settings to taking practical skills into community projects. Whoever you are, you have something more to learn and something to give.

School of Ministry Development (SoMD)

The SoMD creates an environment where individual growth takes place whilst being equipped for a future in different ministry settings. The SoMD looks at pastoral, spiritual, logistical and visionary leadership, stretching each participant as they look to develop their ability to minister to others either within YWAM or in other settings.

The course will include lectures, seminars, and discussion which examine YWAM’s values and how they to apply them in both an individual and community context; communication skills – from mic technique to exegesis and hermeneutics; working as a team, leading and being led; spiritual formation and personal development; authority, leadership and specialist areas tailored to the participants of each SoMD (youth work, the Arts, cross-cultural skills and outreach planning).

Throughout the SoMD there are opportunities to apply what is being learned by leading corporate activities at Holmsted Manor as well as preparing and presenting projects and assignments.

The SoMD, a 2nd level UofN course, is recommended for all those hoping to make a staff commitment to YWAM.

2018: 18th April – 27 July 2018

Registration fee: £25 (An admin fee which makes sure that we have everything needed in order to process your application)

Costs: Lecture phase: £1,900, plus transport/flights & visas to get here. (You will need to pay the first amount of £200 as a deposit, once you are accepted.) These costs differ for those who are making a long-term commitment to serve YWAM Holmsted Manor.  Outreach phase: To be decided (plus transport/flights & visas)


There are many people who would love to do a Discipleship Training School but perhaps are unable to take six months away from family or work.

Effect is a modular course developed by YWAM Holmsted Manor, designed to facilitate personal growth in an individual’s faith and support them with how to put that growth into practice in everyday life. Each term looks at discovering what God may be saying to us and how to serve the locations we find ourselves in through worship, prayer and receiving teaching input from a variety of different speakers. The evening will involve some small group discussion and for each module, the participant will be given a challenging book to read to complement the topics being covered.

Effect meets on a Monday evening from 7.30-9.30pm once every two weeks during the school terms. Each module – Winter, Spring, Autumn – will be around 5-6 sessions. Participants can sign up for all three modules or join at the beginning of any term.

Registration and costs:
Please commit to a whole term, but feel free to join any modules.

  1. One module ( 5 – 6 sessions) includes course related book and an introductory meal each module – £25
  1. Sign up and commit to 3 terms at a 10% discount – £67.50

**This non-residential course is open to those currently living in the UK and with easy access to participate locally (e.g. Sussex/Surrey/Kent).**