Start: 16 September 2019

(Arrival date will be 14/15 September 2019)

Graduation: 14 February 2020

(Departures on the 15/16 February 2020)


Start: 13 January 2020

(Arrival date will be 11/12 January 2020)

Graduation: 12 June 2020

(Departures on the 13/14 June 2020)


Start: September 2020

Graduation: February 2021

Exact dates TBC

Our Discipleship Training Schools are an opportunity to experience authentic community, discovering more of who God is, who He’s calling you to be and how to live out the gospel of Jesus in the world. With over 40 years of DTS experience, Holmsted Manor is passionate and committed to see you released into all that God has for you.
Our live-learn environment, with community living; classes and assignments; small group discussion; your own personal mentor and other elements, trains people to be disciples of Jesus. In becoming more like Him, you will become a more authentic version of yourself: created in the image of God to go and change the world.

Lecture phase is your opportunity to develop and deepen your relationship with God through the live-learn environment as part of the Holmsted Manor community. Every week you’ll hear from experienced speakers from around the world, each with a passion for discipleship and mission, teaching on key areas of the Christian faith. Outside the classroom, you’ll get stuck into life here at Holmsted Manor – eating meals together; worshipping and praying; doing practical service; going to church on a Sunday and enjoying free time socialising together!

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Prayer and worship is the heartbeat of life at Holmsted Manor, connecting with God shapes what we do here. We have several dedicated prayer and worship spaces here including an outdoor chapel, a tiny prayer cubby and a beautiful prayer and worship space called ‘Qadash’ (from the Hebrew word meaning ‘to be set apart’). These are available for your own quiet times and corporately with others: with your one-on-one, small group, DTS and participating with the rhythms of prayer and worship with the rest of the community.

Holmsted Manor believes firmly in the value of discipleship and all of us need regular input and support. You will have a dedicated mentor who will personally invest one on one time with you every week to help you on your discipleship journey and also to help you process the things that you’re learning and experiencing. You will also be part of a small group, where you can talk openly and apply what you have been learning, receive support and encouragement.

We listen to what the Lord is saying to us about what the outreach should be and respond to what He says. Locations then tend to be selected based on relationships we have with missionaries and ministries around the world and we support new initiative that are still finding their feet.  On a Holmsted Manor DTS, you will experience mission both in an overseas location and here in the UK. In recent years, teams have been to countries on almost every continent, serving in both urban and rural settings. A few examples of recent international DTS outreach locations are Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Germany, Brazil and India.

As you regroup at Holmsted Manor at the end of the outreach, time will be set aside to debrief. DTS is an experience where perspectives and lives are changed and debriefing will help you to process all that God has done in your life; the things you’ve learned and how you’ve grown.


- Dallas Willard

DTS Structure

For 12 weeks you’ll be with us in West Sussex then you get to go out on the practical field based placement part of the DTS. You’ll get to do things you have (probably) never done before – from speaking in churches, to leading youth camps and praying for the homeless and painting walls and meeting local leaders.

The outreach phase of the DTS is about taking what you’ve learnt about God and His kingdom during lecture phase and putting it into practice in a variety of different contexts; . You will continue with learning – prayer, worship, one-on-ones – as you live and serve in teams.. Locations for the field based placement are not always decided in advance, so where you will go will be communicated when appropriate. We try to ensure that at least two weeks are spent in the UK either before or after a cross cultural, overseas placement.

After your 8-10 weeks of practical field based placement you’ll come back home (it will feel like coming home at that point) to Holmsted Manor where we will help you unpack all that God has done and you’ve experienced. You’ll have around 10 days to evaluate all that the previous six months have meant to you, prepare to leave, have a closing “Graduation” ceremony and say your goodbyes.

After this, we will send you out with love into the future God is calling you to, wherever that may be.


God leads people to the DTS through many different ways and circumstances. Usually the trainees that come to Holmsted Manor are between 18 and 25 and unmarried, although we do sometimes have families and married couples! Your DTS may have people who come from all over the world (Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and beyond…), but we want you to feel part of our YWAM family! You’ll get to know everyone on the base, even our staff who aren’t directly working with your DTS.

Trainees share dorm-style rooms and although our maximum dorm size is 12 people, it’s very rare that there will be that many people in your room. The building maintains many of its famous original features, so although the rooms are dormitories it will be spacious (as long as you don’t bring too much luggage!) and after all, your home is a beautiful manor house!

Authentic: January 2019 DTS

14th January –  14th June 2019

Authentic: September 2019 DTS

16 September – 14th Feb 2020

Authentic: January 2020 DTS

13 January – 12 June 2020

(Do not book your travel until you are accepted – and have a visa!)

**Applicants must be 18 years or older at the start of the lecture phase.**

Contact us if you’d like details of further DTS dates, we run two DTS’s per year.

Registration fee: £25 (An admin fee which makes sure that we have everything needed in order to process your application)

Lecture phase: £1,950. (You will need to pay the first amount of £200 as a deposit, once you are accepted.)

This cost includes all of your accommodation, food and travel for ministry purposes during the Lecture Phase.

Outreach phase: from £1,400

This cost includes all of your accommodation, food and travel within the outreach location during the outreach. Transport to the outreach locations and visas will be an additional cost to the number above, as these costs may vary significantly depending on the location.

All non UK/EEA/Swiss citizens will be required to apply for a UK visa on acceptance. In order to apply for a visa, you will require a Sponsorship Certificate issued by YWAM, the cost of the certificate is £21. This is not the cost of the visa, more assistance will be given during the application & acceptance process, including details on the type of visa to apply for. Do NOT book any travel until your visa has been received. You may also need to apply for a visa for outreach which you will do during your lecture phase.

To find out more or receive the application forms in a different way send an online application enquiry or contact the registrar.

We endeavour to process applications as quickly as possible, but we require all of your documentation to be complete before we can start to consider your application. Youth With A Mission has a long tradition of working with children, young people, families and vulnerable adults. As a multigenerational community, we take seriously our responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children, young people, and vulnerable adults. Application screening for all our trainees, volunteers and staff may include a police check/UK Disclosure & Barring Service check. For more information, please ask for a copy of the “YWAM England Safeguarding Policy Protecting Young People and Vulnerable Adults and Appointing Workers”.