YWAM’s first value is “to know God and make Him known”. God in three persons, Father Son and Holy Spirit, are central to our organisation and to us individually as believers. We choose to live life with God in the middle. Our community lifestyle reflects the centrality of who God is to us.

Each week we have some corporate time together when we pray and worship. Once a week we fast from our midday meal in order to meet together in an activity that focuses our thoughts towards God.

Our challenge is to maintain a lively and significant relationship with God without resorting to institutional activity. We need one another to spur us on to love and good works and a deepening awareness and understanding of who God is, what He means to us and how we respond to Him in the midst of everything that we do.

Rhythms of Prayer & Worship

One of YWAM’s foundational values is to practice worship and intercessory prayer. At Holmsted there are three occasions most weeks for the whole community; staff, trainees and volunteers to meet together to do just that.

We start each week on a Monday morning worshipping God together. Often we will worship with song, but we also use reflection, liturgy and Bible reading. Our desire is to cultivate an approach to God that is not dependant on our traditions and habits.

We also meet for an hour each week to intercede together, to take time to listen to the heartbeat of God for the world around us. Sometimes this time is ‘open’ and we wait and see what God is saying to us, and sometimes we have a direction to look towards that might orientate our focus.

Most Fridays, the community will fast food; apart from those who for personal or medical reasons are unable to do so (other fasts are available). Our lunch hour is spent with time dedicated to pursue God together. The fast is broken with a community meal at the end of the day.