Go everywhere


Make a difference


Teach and equip

Welcome to Holmsted

Holmsted Manor’s 17 acre site in the West Sussex countryside is different things at different times. For some it’s home. It’s also a learning environment as well as a location where community events take place. At the heart of all we do is our desire to include, consider and respond to who we believe God is. We have lots of space. There’s space to think, space to get involved, space to develop ideas and space to experience a living community. There’s a space for you. 

"Holmsted Manor is a community of people dedicated to Jesus. Our goal is to GO everywhere, MAKE a difference, TEACH and equip others. We are committed to SERVING GOD TOGETHER; by engaging in our communities, we aim to see transformation take place and hope flourish."

We are located in the country and some would say we are “in the middle of nowhere”. We are surrounded by small villages and a few towns. Living at Holmsted Manor means we often go ‘out’ to get involved in other things. We are actively looking to partner with local churches, ministries and other community groups to make a difference in our area. Currently we have staff working in a local food bank, volunteering with ministries working with the vulnerable and singing in a local community choir.

Our staff also get involved in local churches with some of our staff team leading youth work, mission and outreach and preaching and speaking. We love to invite our local community to join us for some of our activities and there are at least one, and often two, community type activities every month – from barbeques to open mics.


Worship and prayer